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Plant pods
Substrate, seeds, nutrients: everything is provided!

Strawberry kit: For (local) strawberries in winter

What if you could grow local strawberries in the middle of winter? It's now possible with our "Strawberry" kit, which allows you to grow strawberries, red woodland strawberries and white woodland strawberries at home, locally, and still without having a green thumb!

Individual Pods 

Substrate, seeds, nutrients: everything is provided!

Anise Hyssop €6,95 EUR

Dill €6,95 EUR

Cinnamon Basil €6,95 EUR

Lemon Basil €6,95 EUR

Dark Opal Basil €6,95 EUR

Thai Basil €6,95 EUR

Batavia Lettuce €3,95 EUR

Camomile €6,95 EUR

Catnip €6,95 EUR

Curly Kale €6,95 EUR

Welsh Onion €6,95 EUR

Chives €6,95 EUR

Silver Cinerary €6,95 EUR

Coleus €6,95 EUR

Red Coleus €6,95 EUR

Green Coleus €6,95 EUR

Coriander €6,95 EUR

Watercress €6,95 EUR

Paracress €6,95 EUR

Tarragon €6,95 EUR

Fennel €6,95 EUR

Oak Leaf Lettuce €3,95 EUR

Yellow Gazania €6,95 EUR

Polka Dot Plant €6,95 EUR

Hyssop €6,95 EUR

Daisy €6,95 EUR

Touch-Me-Not €6,95 EUR

Mini Yellow Peppers €6,95 EUR

Mini Red Peppers €6,95 EUR

Mini yellow tomatoes €6,95 EUR

Mini Red Tomatoes €6,95 EUR

Red Mizuna €3,95 EUR

Green Mizuna €3,95 EUR

Leaf Mustard €3,95 EUR

Leaf Mustard Metis €3,95 EUR

Red snapdragon €6,95 EUR

Bloody Dock €6,95 EUR

Sorrel €6,95 EUR

Pak Choi €6,95 EUR

Pansy €6,95 EUR

Curly Leaf Parsley €6,95 EUR

Padrón peppers €6,95 EUR

Purslane €6,95 EUR

Rocket €3,95 EUR

Scarlet Salanova® €3,95 EUR

Virescent Salanova® €3,95 EUR

Summer Savory €6,95 EUR

Sage €6,95 EUR

Substrate Only €5,95 EUR

Thyme €6,95 EUR

Basil Out of print
Spicy Bush Basil Out of print
Cornflower Out of print
Cockscomb Out of print
Gazania Out of print
Immortal Out of print
Lavender Out of print
Lobelia Blue Out of print
Moroccan Mint Out of print
Spearmint Out of print
Mini Chili Peppers Out of print
Mini Black Peppers Out of stock
White snapdragon Out of print
Oregano Out of print
Italian Parsley Out of print
Pink Petunia Out of print
Golden Berries Out of print
Salad Burnet Out of print
Moss Rose Out of print
Aztec Marigold Out of print
Red Shiso Out of print