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Say yes to spice!

Vegetables & Fruit Salads

Say hello to hot and peppery flavours!

  • First harvest after one month.
  • Compostable and repotable capsule.
  • Compatible with Lilo, Modulo and Nano.

Who are you Paracress ?

Don't be fooled by its pretty yellow flowers or its small triangular leaves. The Paracress is far from sweet in taste. On the contrary! Its raw leaves and flowers will make you discover hot and peppery flavours! Delicate palates please!

Technical specifications

  • Luminaire settings: Summer mode (14h)
  • Plant type: Annual
  • Germination time: 5 to 15 days before meeting
  • Start of harvest: 6-7 weeks
  • Harvest time: 5-6 weeks
  • StoragePreferably fresh. Leaves and flowers can also be frozen.

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Gardener's tips

Cut the leaves and flowers back to 3 cm. Regular trimming will encourage new stems to grow.

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