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Around the world in a spice


The world-famous herb that turns any dish into a work of art.

  • First harvest after one month.
  • Biodegradable and repotable capsule.
  • Compatible with Lilo, Modulo and Nano.

Who are you Coriander?

If there is one herb that can transform the flavour of a dish, it is coriander. With its fresh, spicy and powerful flavour, it can be found all over the world: Vietnam, Lebanon, Mexico... and when will you start using it?

Technical specifications

  • Luminaire settings: Spring mode (12h)
  • Plant type: Annual
  • Germination time: 5 to 10 days before it causes trouble
  • Harvesting: begins 4-6 weeks after sowing
  • Harvest time: 4 to 7 weeks before you separate
  • StorageFreezing whole or cut sprigs

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Gardener's tips

Coriander grows in a rosette shape - harvest the large stems that are on the outside. It is also normal for your coriander stems to droop slightly.

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