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Our mission: To make "Home Growing" accessible to anyone!

200,000+ happy urban gardeners

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What the press says

"A design object that allows you to add some green to your home without getting your hands dirty. With, as a bonus, the growth guarantee included if you don't see your chervil or Batavia Lettuce appear after a month (...). It's a great way to enjoy a little piece of the countryside without leaving the city!

April 2021 - Le Point

"Smart and autonomous, the Nano Garden helps you to have an indoor garden very easily. (...) Several colours are available to decorate the living room, the bedroom or the office (...) You can become an experienced gardener (with a little help), by bringing to your home the greenery it was missing."

March 2021 - Home Journal

"You can see life in green with the small Prêt à Pousser indoor gardens, which can be placed or hung in any corner of the house. And you can watch them flourish without leaving your sofa.

October 2020 - She

"In the bedroom, the living room or the kitchen, plants add a charming look to every room! To combine beauty and practicality, we've set our sights on the new Modulo from Prêt à Pousser: a French beechwood structure equipped with a connected light, to which plants can be attached for a real indoor garden."

November 2020 - Saveurs Green

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