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Plant pods
Substrate, seeds, nutrients: everything is provided!

Ornamental plants

Make your decorative plants grow and become a real pro in DIY plant decoration!

Camomile €6,95 EUR

Silver Cinerary €6,95 EUR

Coleus €6,95 EUR

Red Coleus €6,95 EUR

Yellow Gazania €6,95 EUR

Polka Dot Plant €6,95 EUR

Daisy €6,95 EUR

Touch-Me-Not €6,95 EUR

Pansy €6,95 EUR

Cornflower Out of print
Cockscomb Out of print
Gazania Out of print
Immortal Out of print
Lavender Out of print
Lobelia Blue Out of print
Pink Petunia Out of print
Moss Rose Out of print
Aztec Marigold Out of print
Yellow Tagetes Out of stock