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Silver Cinerary

Snowstorm in the vegetable garden!

Ornamental plants

Its white and woolly foliage will give a winter look to your vegetable garden!

  • Germination in 2 to 5 days!
  • Seeds from French seed companies
  • Biodegradable and repotable capsule 
  • Compatible with Lilo, Modulo and Nano Garden.

      Who are you Silver Cinerary?

      The Silver Cineraria (or Maritime Cineraria, or Maritime Razorwort) is easily recognizable thanks to its thick, woolly, silver-gray, cut foliage. It grows wild around the Mediterranean. This plant is said to be "halophilic", i.e. it tolerates the presence of salt in its environment, which is why it is frequently found by the sea!

      Technical specifications

      • Luminaire settings: Summer mode 14-16h
      • Type of plantPerennial
      • Germination time 2to 5 days of preparation
      • Harvesting: begins
      • Duration of harvests

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      and receive personalised growing advice throughout the life of your plants.

      Gardener's tips

      Admire it but don't eat it! #pascomestible

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