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Plant pods
Substrate, seeds, nutrients: everything is provided!


Spice up your dishes with our specially selected herbs for the pleasure of your taste buds!

À Fleur de Pot €17.90 EUR €23.80 EUR

Anise Hyssop €6,95 EUR

Home-made aperitifs €17.90 EUR €23.80 EUR

Basil €6,95 EUR

Cinnamon Basil €6,95 EUR

Lemon Basil €6,95 EUR

Spicy Bush Basil €6,95 EUR

Dark Opal Basil €6,95 EUR

Thai Basil €6,95 EUR

Welsh Onion €6,95 EUR

Chives €6,95 EUR

Coriander €6,95 EUR

Tarragon €6,95 EUR

Hyssop €6,95 EUR

The essentials €17.90 EUR €23.90 EUR

Pesto Fan Club €17.80 EUR €23.80 EUR

Chef's surprise €17.90 EUR €23.80 EUR

Dill Out of stock
Fennel Out of print
Moroccan Mint Out of print
Spearmint Out of print
Leaf Mustard Out of print
Leaf Mustard Metis Out of print
Oregano Out of print
Sorrel Out of print
Curly Leaf Parsley Out of print
Italian Parsley Out of print
Salad Burnet Out of print
Moss Rose Gold Out of print
Sage Out of print
Red Shiso Out of print