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Plant pods
Substrate, seeds, nutrients: everything is provided!


Spice up your dishes with our specially selected herbs for the pleasure of your taste buds!

Anise Hyssop €6,95 EUR

Dill €6,95 EUR

Basil €6,95 EUR

Cinnamon Basil €6,95 EUR

Lemon Basil €6,95 EUR

Spicy Bush Basil €6,95 EUR

Dark Opal Basil €6,95 EUR

Thai Basil €6,95 EUR

Welsh Onion €6,95 EUR

Chives €6,95 EUR

Coriander €6,95 EUR

Tarragon €6,95 EUR

Fennel €6,95 EUR

Hyssop €6,95 EUR

Moroccan Mint €6,95 EUR

Leaf Mustard €3,95 EUR

Leaf Mustard Metis €3,95 EUR

Sorrel €6,95 EUR

Curly Leaf Parsley €6,95 EUR

Italian Parsley €6,95 EUR

Purslane €6,95 EUR

Sage €6,95 EUR

Spearmint Out of print
Oregano Out of print
Salad Burnet Out of print
Red Shiso Out of print