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Summer Savory

He knows all about spice!

Infusions & teas Salads

Summer Savory. 2R 2T and a little peppery taste that makes its charm.

  • First harvest after one month.
  • Organic seeds from French seed companies.
  • Compostable and repotable capsule.
  • Compatible with Lilo, Modulo and Nano.

Who are you Summer Savory ?

Often overshadowed by Thyme and Rosemary, Summer Savory is nonetheless on all fronts! Enhance a legume dish? Game? A warm goat's cheese? As easy as it is delicious. Ease digestion? This is a lethal weapon that it will quickly prove to you during an infusion.

Technical specifications

  • Luminaire settings: Summer mode (14h)
  • Plant type: Annual
  • Germination time: 5 to 15 days before meeting
  • Start of harvest: 6 weeks
  • Harvest time: approx.2months
  • StorageConsume fresh or dried

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Gardener's tips

Summer Savory relieves insect bites! Pick leaves and rub the affected area. Blooms from white to pink.

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