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Substrate Only

It's your choice

Make your own seedlings in the neutral capsule of your indoor garden! You asked for it, we did it! The neutral capsule is now available for our Lilo or Modulo indoor gardens, so you can give free rein to all your desires!

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Who are you Substrate Only ?

Can't find what you're looking for among our varieties? Would you like to try the seeds that grandma gave you from her incredible garden? Would you like to show your children how lentil seeds grow? Grow the plants of your choice in our neutral Pods !

As you can imagine, we cannot guarantee the growth of the seeds you choose to grow in our neutral Pods , but we will be delighted to see the results!

Technical specifications

  • Luminaire settings
  • Type of plant
  • Germination time
  • Harvesting: begins
  • Duration of harvests

To help you grow your plants, download the mobile application Prêt à Pousser
and receive personalised growing advice throughout the life of your plants.

Gardener's tips

Grow the plants of your choice in our neutral Pods ! There are no seeds in them, so you can grow the seeds of your choice :)