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The technology Prêt à Pousser

Our revolutionary indoor vegetable garden system makes hydroponics simple, affordable and accessible.


A concentrate of patented technologies: Flo2at®.

We use hydroponics in all our indoor gardens: the plants float and develop their root system in water. To improve the performance of our gardens, we have created and developed the patented Flo2at™ system. This is a culture on floater to optimise the oxygenation of the roots. This allows the plant to breathe better and to draw more of the essential elements present in the water (oxygen, minerals and nutrients).


And the light was.

We use a luminaire with integrated LEDs to reproduce sunlight. The white light produced is essential for the photosynthesis of plants and their development. The spectrum covers all necessary wavelengths. The LEDs are low power and light up according to the nature of your plants. There is a Spring mode with a lower intensity and a 12 hour photoperiod and a Summer mode of 14 hours for summer plants. The power consumption is 7 to 8W depending on whether you have Lilo or Modulo, which is half the power consumption of your internet box.


The capsule that has it all

Our Pods have been designed to provide the best conditions for plants to flourish. The substrate is composed of coco fibres, peat and nutrients. This brings together all the essential ingredients for successful growth: excellent water retention, optimal PH and incredible nutrient richness. The Pods are responsibly made of biocompostable plant plastic.


Demand the best and start growing your plants at home now.