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The easy-going one

Today, thyme is used in many dishes and its Provençal fragrance brings a touch of holiday to the kitchen.

  • First harvest after one month.
  • Organic seeds from French seed companies.
  • Compostable and repotable capsule.
  • Compatible with Lilo, Modulo and Nano.

Who are you Thyme?

What do your kitchen and that of a Michelin star have in common? Really, you can't think of anything? Well, we'll tell you: it's Thyme. With its strong and complex flavour, it adapts to all styles!

Technical specifications

  • Luminaire settings: Summer mode (14h)
  • Type of plantPerennial
  • Germination time: 5 to 10 days
  • Harvesting: begins 4-6 weeks after sowing
  • Harvest time: 6-9 weeks before final harvest
  • ConservationDrying the leaves

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Gardener's tips

Thyme is a perennial plant, which only needs to be repotted after a few months in your indoor garden.

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