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Helyo Light

The grow light for any houseplant!

The growth light to provide the necessary light for all your indoor plants to flourish!
One, two, three, sun!

Luminaire connected to the application for advanced settings, adapted to your plants and your lifestyle.

  • Low power, full spectrum LEDs that automatically reproduce the day/night cycle and ensure the growth of your house plants.
  • Soft neutral light thanks to the glare-free shade: ideal for plants and visual comfort.
  • Easy and quick installation without making holes, thanks to the magnets supplied and the adhesive tape.
  • Compatible with all houseplants, to give them extra light!

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Can I use Helyo without the application?

The use of the app is recommended for intuitive settings of the luminaire at the touch of a button, but settings can still be made manually on the luminaire.

Do I need to have my phone connected to the light at all times?

No, your phone just needs to be connected via Bluetooth to the luminaire at the time of setting.

Which operating systems is the application compatible with?

The application can be downloaded on Android (from version 7.0) and on iOS (from version 11.0).

  • Contents of the box

    1 cable, 1 charger, 1 LED light, 2 adhesive metal circles, 1 manual.

  • Size and weight40 cm long x 6 cm wide and weighs 250 grams.
  • Power consumption: 7 to 9.3W depending on the settings. It costs 8-10€ of electricity per year, which is twice less than your internet box.

  • ConnectivityThe Helyo luminaire can be connected via Bluetooth to the Prêt à Pousser application to allow you to make advanced settings, adapted to your plants and to your life rhythm (lighting cycle and mode).
  • Materials and compositionThe luminaire housing is made of HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene).
  • Warranty and durabilityAll electronic components of Helyo are guaranteed for 2 years. The average lifetime of the LEDs is 10 years.