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Pot & floater Modulo

For the Modulo range

A real little nest for your capsule!

The essential pairing for growing your plant capsule.Grow new varieties of plants with this pot to be placed on your Modulo grid. It is also suitable if one of your pots is lost or broken. See how well your plant capsule feels in it!

Place the floater in the jar and insert your capsule. Thanks to ourpatented Flo2at™ system,the plant draws the minerals it needs directly from the water. The plant germinates and grows from the capsule, which acts as a veritable feeding ground for the plant. Add water every two to three weeks as the floater goes down, and it's done! Learn more abouthydroponics

The Modulo pot is essential if you want to upgrade your indoor vegetable garden, whether it's for a double-sided, wall-mounted or stacked configuration.

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