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Luminaire Modulo métal - With USB socket

For the Modulo range

And there was light!

A powerful and adaptable light for your plants.

  • Equipped with 47 low-energy LEDs, the Modulo luminaire reproduces the light spectrum adapted to the growth of your plants.
  • You can control the left and right side of the luminaire differently to grow plants with different needs on the same Modulo.
  • The luminaire is automatically switched on in the morning and off in the evening according to the cycle you program: With the spring mode, the photoperiod is 12 hours and the light intensity is lower. For summer plants, prefer the summer mode, with a photoperiod of 16 hours.
  • Plug and USB cable sold separately.

Expand your vegetable garden by combining the Modulo light with other accessories. Choose the configuration you want below to see what other parts you will need!

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